Cultura Pop Edición Entretenimiento Estilo de Vida Moda y Belleza Noticias Sexo y Amor

Get much sleep?

Jennifer Lopez unleashes a big yawn on set during the  filming of a chase sceen in Shades Of Blue in NY.


Angelina’s daughter impacts to appear already como un chico!


Since she was little, Shiloh Jolie Pitt knew he was a boy trapped in a girl’s body, first he started by asking his parents to let him dress and wear short hair like a boy, he even asked to be called John.


Liam Hemsworth Dips & Kisses Rebel Wilson for New Movie!


Liam Hemsworth holds his co-star Rebel in his arms and le plantó un beso on her during a scene for their movie Isn’t It Romantic.


Paris Jackson, and her padrino Macaulay Culkin got matching tattoos.


The tattoo is located on Jackson and Culkin’s arms and resembles a spoon.

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