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Only 35% of Gen Zers — defined as being aged 18 to 26 — say they always tip at a sit-down restaurant, according to results of a Bankrate poll.

And only 24% of Gen Zers always tip hairdressers, hairstylists or barbers, according to the survey, compared with 40% of millennials and 67% of Gen Xers.

Gen Zers are also less likely than baby boomers to tip when getting food delivered (31% compared to 62%) or using a taxi or ride-share service (22% versus 56%). The only exception involves home repairs and services, for which Gen Z was most likely to always tip (15%).

The survey also revealed that two-thirds of Americans hold a negative view of tipping, and 1 in 3 Americans think tipping culture is out of control.

Respondents said they believe companies should pay their employees better rather than rely on tips to support them (41%). They also were annoyed by pre-entered tipping options (32%) and confused over who and how much to tip (15%), and were willing to pay more in order to eliminate tipping (16%).

Older respondents opined that tipping culture is out of hand more frequently than younger generations, with Gen Z at 22%, millennials at 27%, and Gen X and baby boomers at 33%.

It seems Americans overall are simply getting worse at tipping.

Results show that tipping in all kinds of settings is falling, including in dine-in restaurants, hair salons, hotels, coffee shops, and taxis and ride-share vehicles. It’s also declining for food delivery and takeout.

These survey findings come on the heels of a backlash over “tipflation,” with the growth of tipping culture into coffee shops, takeout stores and self-checkouts.

Despite requiring zero interaction between customers and employees, self-checkout machines at venues like coffee shops, bakeries, airports and sports stadiums are being programmed with the option to leave the typical 20% tip.

Business owners believe that the prompt for a tip can boost staff pay and increase gratuities, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. But customers are questioning where and to whom the extra cash is going, considering self-checkout is done, well, by yourself.


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