One of four kids is bullied at school daily


By: Lawyer Jessica Domínguez

  “I never thought that my son would take his life away,” says Brenda, mom of 13 year-old Benjamin. “Had I known that my son was going to make that decision, I would have done everything possible to help him out. Kids are the ones that are supposed to bury their parents and not the other way around.”

  Those were the words of a mother who thought that the problems with her kid at school where just a normal issue that all kids face and that everything would return to normalcy within time.

  All these generalizations and her job impeded the mother to see the depression signs that her son suffered from all the bullying by other kids at school. It is precisely why we want to evade another story like Benjamin’s from happening again.

  Remember that bullying is not only physical but also verbal, and through email messages, text messages and Facebook. In reality there is nowhere to hide from the abuse of others, the best solution is to seek help and try to resolve it.

  We want parents to realize that when children don’t want to speak, they shut themselves off in their room, they stop doing what they enjoy, are silent, or they can’t concentrate or are constantly angry is because something at school is not right.

  Please talk and ask your children about any problems going on. Any problem is enough to go to the school and talk with the teachers, principals or school district if necessary. Remember that if you don’t defend and protect your children no one will do it for you.

  According to the United States Department of Education, one of four kids is bullied at least once a day in the schools and this type of abuse provokes that some kids, teenagers or young adults take their life away which brings negative consequences to everyone.

  There exists a series of organizations that can help you stop bullying at schools, you can also report the problem with school authorities and if you feel necessary you can report it to the local police.,,

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