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Many people may think younger generations are narcissistic because we don’t worry about other issues or because we spend so much time on our cell phones. It is a fact, we love technology, but it does not mean we have become a self-centered generation because of it.

The truth is that we do think about our future generations, and we care about problems that are affecting the country and the world. Younger generations want a big house or a nice car, travel the world and more, which means we are thinking about progress. We are mature enough to think about improving our future.

According to experts, people with a narcissistic personality are in love with an idealized, grandiose image of themselves. A narcissistic person is self-centered, has an arrogant thinking and behavior, and she or he doesn’t have consideration of others.

There are divided opinions on whether Millennials are narcissistic or not. In an article, written by Paridhi Sehgal, the author shows divided opinions. A psychologist, Jean Twenge, expresses, “there has been an increasing in narcissism over the years.” And another psychologist, Jeffrey Arnett expresses, “Millennials are an exceptionally generous that holds great promise for improving the world”.

One psychologist states younger generations are more self-centered than other generations, however if we think about our actions, we are not a generation who take selfies everyday and post them on social media just for fun. We are aware of the problems that are affecting our world. In other words, we do not lack consideration towards our communities as is assumed by older generations. Our lives are not about me, me, and me. Younger generations are making strong statements, taking actions towards problems that are affecting us and others.

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