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Going through a breakup? Your best friend and you aren’t as close anymore? Want to spy on how that company you worked for is doing with their new employee that handles their social media? Well, don’t get caught or look desperate while searching on their Instagram.

We all know the dangers of scrolling through someone’s Insta feed and going too deep into it that all of a sudden your clumsy thumb gives a heart to a 2012 post. But, what if you want to know what is happening today? How not to get caught while looking through someone’s stories?
Well, that’s where your finsta, A.K.A: fake Instagram comes in handy.

The person you’re spying on is still going to see the Instagram account you’re using for spying but will never know who’s behind that account and, you will forever live rent free on their mind. Cruel? Maybe but either way whether you’d like to admit to it or not you’re still constantly checking on them, aren’t you?

Anyways, you probably should move on from spying, that is, after all the mature thing to do.

But don’t feel as bad if you create a Finsta, most millennials and gen z’s, or zoomers, like I’d like to call them from now on, have at least three finstas. Oh, and celebrities do this all the time as well. Does anyone remember when Vanessa Hudgens’ finsta was revealed? Although we’re not saying she was spying on someone, she used it more as a private instagram for her close friends.

According to Urban Dictionary, a finsta is “a spam Instagram account where people post what they are too afraid to post on [a] real account.” Finstas were almost always set to private and would be full of memes, complaints, embarrassing stories, questions for the person’s friends, etc-

If you’d like to know how to make the best FInsta, I suggest you read writer Andrew Heinzman’s article What Is a Finsta, and How Do You Use One? where he says that

“Managing a Finsta is easier than ever. Like Twitter, you can access multiple Instagram accounts from the Instagram app without dancing through login screens. It’s as easy as pushing a button”

So, do you and your friends have a Finsta?

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