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Josefina Hernández- English


The founder of the Organization “Mi Angelito”

Agustín Durán // Reportero de www.latinocalifornia.com

 Her objectives in life have been shaped as a child living in poverty; her faith keeps her going strong and Daniela Montserrat remains the inspiration she has to help children who have special needs.

Josefina Hernández is the founder of “Mi Angelito,” a nonprofit organization dedicated to help those who find there are no resources left for them, and also to bring hope back to children who are sick.

“For many of these children, it could mean the difference between life and death if they are given a wheelchair, a prosthetic hand or leg, or simply medicines or treatments to ease their illness,” said Hernández. “For us it is just money, but to these children and their families it means being able to get out of bed or be able to be self sufficient for the rest of their lives.”

Hernández has helped hundreds of children who live in a shelter in Guadalajara, Mexico, who are treated for cancer or similar illness that requires them to undergo radiation therapy and be hospitalized at the General Hospital.
Unfortunately, many children will end up abandoned in the shelter, because of the prevalence of poverty. But this is also where Hernández’ work begins.

One of the cases that became the inspiration to create the “Mi Angelito” foundation was that of Daniela Montserrat, a 12-year-old girl who had her leg amputated after having cancer.

Once Hernández learned about Montserrat’s story, Hernández tried to buy the girl a prosthetic leg, but found that there were other organizations that were pocketing money that was supposed to pay for Montserrat’s leg. This is when the “Mi Angelito” organization was born, in 2002.

Although Montserrat sadly died at the age of 17, Hernández is pleased to know that she helped Montserrat live her last years of life with pride. “When we bought her leg she was able to regain her dignity and pride. She was a new girl; she would fix herself up and want to look pretty.”

Hernández also founded in Los Angeles the dancing group Azteca: Chimalli Tonatiuh that helps raise funds for her organization at events and presentations. At the same time, it also helps teach the children that make up the group learn about the importance of their roots.

In addition, the activist who has a tax preparation business in South Gate, organizes neighbors and acquaintances to sell food at events in order to help raise money for her children.

For more information about her foundation, visit www.miangelito.org

or call: 323-567-5581 or 323-566-6857.



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