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Wanting to live in more than two places, first world problem, right? Well, not so much. I like to believe that as millennials the world is ours and at least I love making the best out of it: I never say no to a trip, new dish, new friendship! Hey, life is too short to not live it fully.
And I realized that part of me being confused in life is because I keep thinking there are limited ways to do life. I’m aware that things like not finishing school by a certain age are getting normalized and also not forming a family. I’m glad I live in a moment where love doesn’t discriminate gender or race.

How amazing it is to live in an era where a bunch of rich smart guys are getting us closer to the moon and where money as we know it is also almost a thing of the past, making wealth an easier accomplishment for more people?

Sorry for the long intro but, you get the idea: I don’t just call myself @proudmillennialduh on Instagram for no reason. I love all the things that are happening and one of them being that I know that whatever I put my mind to will mostly happen.
I used to think I was lazy, but honestly, I was just not 100% able to do everything I wanted. Well, now I’m 27, don’t have responsibilities nor “a quién rendirle cuentas” and that’s where most of my creativity comes from. I simply have way too much time to overthink and that’s not a bad thing, But it gives space for new dilemmas.

The most recent has been that despite how grateful I am for everything I have, it’s like I need more!
I already travel, I love my job, friends, and family are awesome… there really isn’t any sort of drama. Did my brain get used to life not being okay? I thought but then my boyfriend and I went on this trip to Ojai and I realized that just the price of the hotel was the same price for round tickets to Mexico City and of course that’s where I want to be at… but also LA. not only are these some of the most amazing cities in the world but my heart is divided in two. At least once a week a crave a choc-frío from the coffee shop El Jarocho in Coyoacán, or bar hopping at Condesa… you get the idea, but my whole point is,  we shouldn’t feel weird when we have a crazy idea like this one. Make it happen cause sometimes it’s easier and even cheaper than you might think and there are no rules to happiness. The way I see it, it’s your life, so do whatever you want from it. Take this article as a sign if you’re still looking for one.

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