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Magdalena Morales (English)


H&R Block’s success story

By: Jorge Luis Macías

 “The spirit to change the lives, the minds and the desire to make folks within Hispanic community better human beings, flows through Magdalena Morales’s veins.”

   Magdalena Morales is H&R Block’s multicultural liaison for the United States Western Region; she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from Cal State Los Angeles. Magdalena at age 43 was the recipient of the “2011 Women Making a Difference” given by the Los Angeles Region Metropolitan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. “In my view the passion I feel for my community is the most important thing in my life” said Morales. “I’ve always known my life’s calling, was to work hard and sacrifice, so I may educate my people and to teach them how to look ahead at the possibilities, not to look back, at what can’t be changed.

Magdalena inherited her way of thought from her father, “Dionisio Morales”, he was the founder of the Mexican American Opportunity Foundation (MAOF) the largest non-profit organization in the United States.
“My father taught me the importance of being fearless. -she said- He told me that it didn’t matter if I failed to achieve success in life”

Morales’s job is to create relationships with Hispanic dominant firms and communities; she works with council members from different Hispanic communities and helps with fiscal and financial education.

At H&R Block she works with corporate partners, she establishes and develops the formation of opportunities, which employ bi-lingual tax professionals, they assist Spanish speaking customers with their tax preparation.

A program called “Prepare yourself for a better future” is Magdalena’s newest endeavor with H&R Block, “ this is a Spanish program directed at the Spanish speaking community, we visit schools & churches, “we go into places where folks don’t speak English; we show them how crucial it is to be knowledgeable with their finances and taxes, we help change lives”

With help from “Hispanic Access Foundation” the program was implemented about a year and a half ago, in Washington D.C… A year later, the program was implemented in Houston Texas and now in Los Angeles.

Dad would say “our community has no access to educational resources, all I do, is to educate our community” recalls Morales “Giving my community equal access, so they may live the American Dream is my life’s work”

Magdalena worked consulting for Laurel Consulting Company, she organized events and directed leadership conferences, later she opened her own company “Event Mosaic” and she focused on efficient event organization and taught organizational strategies for effective event planning. Her list of customers included “Fiesta Educativa, California Health Care Foundation, Alianza, etc…

Magdalena joined “Organizacion de Conferencias Multicultural” where she worked on domestic violence issues, housing, health and educational projects.

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