Hispanics are big business now

The United States is on a path to ethnic plurality, which is largely driven by remarkable Latino consumer market growth. The country’s vibrant demographic composition, with its healthy multicultural dynamic and youth, are a critical American asset in the global economic competition. At the heart of this asset, both now and over the next several decades, is the Hispanic population.

Over 52 million strong, Latinos are impacting every aspect of the national landscape including popular culture, the workforce, consumerism, politics and American national identity. The Hispanic market’s size, growing clout, and buying power of $1 trillion in 2010 and $1.5 trillion by 2015 require thoughtful understanding about what the market represents to a company’s bottom line.1 Latinos are no longer just a sub-segment of the economy, but a prominent player in all aspects of American life.

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El Aviso Staff

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