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As generations pass, it is natural that values and traditions change. We no longer adhere to the rules of life that were made by older generations and each generation is dubbed as too progressive. One thing that is everlasting, however, is privilege.

Millennials have started progressive movements like MeToo and Black Lives Matter, but that doesn’t mean that the majority of the generation agrees with the views, especially those that are unaffected by those matters.

Recent events, like the pandemic, has shown people’s true colors when it comes to following the rules. Many millennials feel like they are above the law. We see this in videos of people not wanting to adhere to the rules put in public places to make them safe, like wearing a mask or simply putting your dog on a leash. Is it because of the myth that COVID-19 cannot do millennials harm because of their youth, or is it a reckless disregard for the rules?

Social media users, which the majority include millennials themselves, have been sounding the whistle to these privileged people—something that generations before weren’t avidly doing. We can say that social media has paved the way for accountability, and yet, privileged millennials are as bold as ever.

Despite all the “wokeness” of the generation we mustn’t forget who raised these millennials: privileged Boomers, which is ironic considering they are the generation that gives millennials the most grief.

With videos and comments whistleblowing the snotty millennials on social media, we’d expect a little caution, at least for the sake of reputation. But it’s been proven that it doesn’t matter. If this is the progressive generation, what are we to expect of posterity?

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