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It’s been almost two months since Governor Newsom implemented the “Stay at Home” measure and for some, it has been a brutal feat. Between not being able to make ends meet and battling with mental deterioration, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, even if it’s just a glimpse.

Governor Newsom is to partially open up certain businesses and recreational areas in an effort to move forward from this pandemic. Businesses like retail stores and florists, to name a few, are to partially reopen with curbside service only while certain recreational areas like beaches will be open with heavy restrictions.

Of course, everyone is excited to finally be free again. Many of us are already planning on what is the first thing we’re going to do when we can have some sort of weird definition of a normal life. Many popular choices, especially among millennials, is dining out at our favorite restaurants and hanging out with friends, while leaving bigger events like traveling and concerts to when there is an actual vaccine for the virus or other forms of protection.

It seems, though, that however exciting a partial opening in California might be, we are still in danger of contracting the virus. The Federal Emergency Management Agency projects about 3,000 deaths per day in June as the states reopen, according to a New York Times article. This is alarming.

Although reopening the state will benefit the economy, as well as our mental state, we must tread lightly and still take all precautions and preventative measure.

It is time to try to get back to how life was before the pandemic while keeping in mind that the danger is still very much there.  Although some of us may live in fear, it is important to note that we must continue to put safety first and keep in mind that the only way we can win is a slow and steady pace into what was once normality.

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