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Tattoos, these permanet maks of ink have marked an entire generation, millennials. In our days, we are able to see thousands of millennials with different kind of designs of different sizes. We can see a small tattoo in the face or a big one in the arm.

Tattoos are a type of art that have remained over generations. The art of tattooing is not something new. Today, we know tattoos are an ancient art form. There are mommies who have tattoos!

In the past, tattoos were associated with lower classes or they were seen in a negative way, but in the present, tattoos have become a fashion accessory and they are linked with self expression.

Millennials have made a huge and positive impact about tattoos because instead of being the mark of social degeneration, tattoos are seen as something cool and sexy. These permanent designs have been used as declaration of love, signs of religious beliefs or just as adornments.

Millennials had to face a risk when they made tattoos so popular because of the negative way in which tattoos were seen. It was a risk because the employment discrimination they had to face.

Right now, millennials do not see it as a problem, they don’t have to hide their tattoos. At least, many millennials don’t worry about it in their jobs because the attitude in the workplace have changed. We can see singers, actors, professors or athletes with tattoos.

Millenials love tattoos even if they haven’t a specific reason to decide to decorate themselves. And they love them even when they know, the experience can be painful because pain is an unavoidable part of the tattooing process. Millennials are not afraid and they have become great costumers of the artists who made them. Tattoos will be always in demand because the permanent body art is fashion.

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