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It`s that time of the year again and after last year’s zooms-giving, we all want to go back to enjoying the company of our loved ones.

To some, Thanksgiving might be all about being with their family, but the younger generations have changed the meaning of this holiday and opted to instead have a fun reunion with chateau plates and preordered meals.

Best known as friends-giving, this new way of sharing a turkey has led to even the most antiholiday millennials wanting to celebrate it.

But what goes on in a friends-giving you may ask? Well, according to personal experience, it´s the day our generation acts like the adults we are. We dress up nicely and have the reunion at a good theme decorated house and snack on some cheese and crackers while we wait for the turkey to be done. Up to this part, everything is nothing but a joyful moment.

Although there´s a long list of reasons for choosing friends over family on this day, avoiding drama and unnecessary conversations is the most common one. However, Thanksgiving always has a tiny moment where something chaotic, yet memorable happens, and it always has to do with the turkey. But after everybody realizes we are slowly turning into our parents, we go back to drinking, chatting, and watching movies or playing games.

Now, there are currently no set rules on the whole Friendsgiving concept but it is well known that the host takes care of the turkey and the most reliable friend brings the snacks for obvious reasons. And you are expected to dress up at least a bit. With that being said, if you´re attending your new partner´s friends-giving you must understand that this is a serious tradition and way of starting memories, so please don´t be offended if you´re not in every picture. You do not want to be that person that when a group of friends looks back to will wonder who you were. And the same thing if you are the one inviting your partner. Make him a part of it but remember friendship comes first.

And well, this is the first year after the pandemic so I´m not quite sure if they´ll be new rules to add to this celebration. But I´m pretty sure we can expect great conversation topics. Also, you don´t need to be a millennial to have a friends-giving gathering but it definitely is the way the youth prefer to do it.

Happy holidays everybody!

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