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The endless comments from older generations like Gen X and Baby Boomers always shine the dim light over the faults of millennials: millennials are lazy, entitled, broke and unambitious. We can only think that this process of criticism is inevitable and millennials will become the insufferable elders that the younger generations will hate to hear from.

To those who haven’t noticed, however, millennials are nothing like the previous generations. They’ve struggled with low-paying jobs, expensive rent and almost worthless diplomas all while surviving two economic crashes, a pandemic and, for the lack of a better term, a second civil rights movement.

When comparing generations, it’s easy to see why Boomers rain on the millennial parade so often and that’s because they can’t identify with the millennial struggle mainly because they’ve never been to anything remotely similar.

And that’s what makes the difference.

Unlike Boomers, millennials can identify with the following generation and appreciate their new struggles. Millennials recognize that unwavering, relentless drive that they once had because we mustn’t forget that the oldest millennials are now about 40 years old.

It would be hypocritical to complain about the antics of the young while they receive criticisms from older generations.

Millennials have become the generation of many things like avocado toast and killing industries, but the one thing they will not be known for is judging their young successors.

In more recent events, we’ve seen millennials and Gen Zers fight together against police brutality and that has given us some triumphs.

It’s only fair to think about how it could’ve been if Boomers partnered with millennials instead of bashing their every move. Imagine that.

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