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It is depressing to think what you would be doing right now if it weren’t for the pandemic. Some people would be having their graduating ceremony. Other would be getting married. People could be traveling and exploring new places while other are settling down in their new home. But none of those things are happening and you’re stuck at home while time passes you by.

The world is put on hold for now and even if it may seem endless, the only thing to do is embrace it and remember that you’re not alone. Millennials, more than any other generation, have delayed major life milestones, according to software finance company Quicken. About 23% of millennials have postponed buying a home while 62% are struggling with their finances. You really aren’t alone.

What helps, however, is looking at the Brightside of things. As corny, and perhaps even delusional, as it might sound, putting your life on hold is the best thing that ever happened. If you’re lucky enough to have your health and some sort of financial cushion, you can take this moment to reflect.

It’s very rare when humanity as whole get to live similar experiences. We may come from different economic backgrounds as well as races. We might speak different languages, but this is the only thing that has brought us together. It is sad that something so tragic had to happen for us to realize we all are just humans in the end.

Yes, graduating is important as well as getting married and buying a house. Those things will still be there once we surpass this. Keeping it positive (and safe) is the only thing left to do. Don’t worry, you’re doing great.

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