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As November approaches, political campaigns scramble to find a way to attract the young vote. In previous elections, candidates have used popular music to make a hip entrance as well as “cool” slang to seem relatable.

The year 2020, however, has been very strange. Everything seemed to go downhill as soon as basketball legend Kobe Bryant passed away in late January. After that, it’s been the impact of the pandemic on our mental stability as well as our wallets. We’ve had protests, deaths and corruptions come to light. With that being said, political candidates are going to have to do a lot more than choose a cool song to make their entrance.

The current answer seems to make a pop star our new president. Not to anyone’s surprise, hip-hop artist Kanye West announced that he would be running for president this November. But that was short-lived.

According to a WashPost article, West was too far behind in legal matters to actually be a legit candidate for the November elections. It would take great effort for this hip-hop artist to build a solid platform months before the election, but he did try.

West was successful in getting on the ballot in the states of Florida, South Carolina and most recently, Oklahoma, despite having announced that he is no longer running. 

But if there’s anything we do know about Kanye West is that making brash decisions is kind of his brand. More than anything we must take his efforts with a grain of salt. It is a bigger possibility that this call for attention is simply a ploy for an album drop or some sort of performance art that he’s up to.

Nevertheless, we must thank West for his 15 minutes of political fame. After all the pandemic chaos, the November election can’t be taken for granted and his ambitious endeavors has shined the light on the importance of this year’s election.

With the access that we now have to information about candidates and their views and moral standing, we are in a position to make the best decision for ourselves; however, many have come to realize that we really just are human beings with our own biases and beliefs (which for the record isn’t an excuse for any type of harmful behavior). We are getting closer to the precipice of this election, and all we have left to do is choose the lesser of two evils…for now.

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