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The word toxic is generally associated with women or men who are problematic or who manipulate a person who has an emotional bond with them.

Being toxic is associated with something negative, something that one person cannot deal with. How many times we have heard from a relative or a friend that they have been in a toxic relationship? Probably many, right?

If we think about it, toxic people, besides being selfish, insecure and unfulfilled will eventually need somebody to release their frustration on. Typically, toxic people will ultimately unravel their wrath on a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, relative etc.

Among younger generations is very common to hear the term, “toxic” all time, even though many of them have a misconception of the term and do not know how to utilize this term appropriately. For instance, if you yell at somebody or don’t agree with someone’s idea, you can be perceived as a toxic person. These types of situations can be merely caused by a life filled with stress, but it does not mean you are a toxic person. You need to repeat your malevolent actions towards your victim to be considered a toxic person. We cannot and should not classify anyone as toxic if we are unfamiliar of their social and personal situations around their private lives. But how could we recognize a toxic person?

Here are some of the key patterns of a toxic person:

  • He or she will not allow you to have friends of the opposite sex.
  • He or she will control the way you dress
  • He or she will demand to have access to your cell phone

A toxic person will have “toxic thoughts” and will not be able to maintain a relationship unless the other person accepts it as part of the relationship. Being called toxic is not a pleasant thing for anyone. Toxic relationships affect both sides. The key to preserving a harmonious and healthy relationship with your partner or significant other is to cultivate mutual respect.


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