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If there’s anything millennials are known for, besides being broke, is veganism. Plant-based options have widened in the last couple of years. We can find plant-based meat options as well as milks, seasonings and desserts in most supermarkets now, and it is no surprise that they’re making their way to the holiday dinner table this year.

We know that this holiday season is unlike any other and people are taking more precautions than ever to continue living a healthy and covid-free life. Many people are opting for plant-based dinners or side dishes during the holidays this year in an attempt to stay healthy.

A OnePoll survey found that 81 percent of millennials and 71 percent of Baby Boomers are willing to change the traditional holiday fare for a plant-based one. This is no surprise when considering that the kids of the Baby Boomers are mainly millennials—40 percent to be exact.

It also helps that many more millennials are getting involved during the holiday meal prep and it is safe to say that millennial habits are sticking to their older relatives: half of the Baby Boomers in the survey are preparing at least one vegan dish during the holidays.

Despite embracing more plant-based holiday dishes, older generations are not open to changing their day-to-day diets for more plant-based options. About 61 percent of millennials reported that their parents are unwilling to change their diet for one with more plant-based options. 

There are some trends that are hard for older generations to grasp when it comes to millennial interests and habits, but veganism seems to be closing its generational gap, even if it’s just during the holidays.

Whatever you choose to put on the holiday dinner table this year, whether it’s plant-based or not, let’s not forget to keep each other healthy and celebrate in safe ways, even if it means sharing dinner far away from loved ones.

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