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Although many people cringe at the idea of waking up early for work, researchers deem morning shifts are better for employees compared to working at night.

A study published in Plos One journal revealed that irregular work schedules can negatively impact your health.

The journal defined a “standard” work schedule as work beginning at 6 a.m. or later and ending by 6 p.m.,” unlike a volatile schedule starting “at 2 p.m. or later and ending by midnight.”

Researchers studied 7,000 people over 30 years, from ages 22 to 50, to determine whether work patterns involving sleep, physical and mental health were impacted in young adults when they reached 50.

Wen-Jui Han, a New York University professor who led the study, revealed that people who worked unconventional hours experienced more health issues.

“This has repercussions. People with work patterns involving any degree of volatility and variability were more likely to have fewer hours of sleep per day, lower sleep quality, lower physical and mental functions and a higher likelihood of reporting poor health and depressive symptoms at age 50 than those with stable work schedules,” Han told the Daily Mail.

Researchers found that young adults who maintained a consistent work schedule but transitioned into more unsustainable work hours in their 30s had concerning results such as health scares of cardiovascular disease and anxiety.

Health issues stemming from severe sleep deprivation and low sleep quality due to nonstandard work schedules have been labeled Shift Work Sleep Disorder, researchers noted.

“Volatile work patterns might be a chronic stressor in our life,” Han added.

The professor explained that employees who worked odd hours had a ‘significantly higher’ likelihood of poor health even over those who were unemployed.

Many people spend most of their days at work, so they should consider jobs that allow them to work hours that accommodate their schedule and prioritize health. Because eventually, the unconventional shifts could lead to health risks.

By Taylor Knight // nypost.com

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