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What is being beautiful? It depends in who you ask. The definition of beautiful is very subjective. What is ugly to someone can be attractive and pretty for another person.

Today, I am going to continue our list of how other countries and other cultures see “beauty”.

In Mauritania, females with full figures are considered beautiful. In Mauritania, it is predicted that the heavier the girl, the more prospects she will have for marriage. Most girls are sent off to fat camps in which they required to eat a diet of 16,000 calories a day. This camps even limit their physical activities.

Women of the Kayan tribe in Burma, and women in Thailand have participated in neck stretching for many years. When girls are five years old, they began to get neck rings. These rings can weigh up to 22 pounds, and the more rings a woman has, the more beautiful is considered.

Scarification is popular in some parts of Africa such as Ethiopia and South Sudan. Scarification is done with a knife to leave permanent designs on the skin. It is done to boys and girls.

Ear stretching is popular in women and men in South America and Africa. People gradually stretch out pierced holes in their earlobes. This is done as a sign of beauty. In the United States this kind of beauty representation is seen in young women and men.

Teeth cutting is practiced in Indonesian tribes to indicate beauty. It is practiced by women and men and it consists in cutting the teeth into sharp points.

Diastema is a gap between a person’s two upper front teeth. In our days, people see it very sexy. Even celebrities are happy to show what many would see as an imperfection. In Europe and in the United States, we are able to see many women proud of it.

As we have seen, people from other countries have different standards of beauty. It is important to remember that all of us have unique traits that make us beautiful ladies or handsome men.

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