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In the United States, we see the standard of beauty everywhere, in television, magazines, and social media.

We have a cultural perception of beauty and other countries have their own perception of it as well.

Now, I am going to give you a list of how other countries see beauty:

Tattooing the chin and lips of Māori women from New Zealand is considered beautiful.   This tradition is known as Ta-Mako. Each Moko is different and includes ancestral tribal information specific to the wearer.

Foot binding was a Chinese custom consisting on binding the feet of girls in order to change their size and shape. The process of foot binding included breaking all of the toes and bending them backwards against the sole of the foot. Having small feet is considered very attractive in China.

In South Korea, many women undergo plastic surgery in order to have a heart-shaped face. They have a drastic jaw surgery to achieve the look of it. This face shape has gained popularity between women in South Korea.

In Japan, crooked teeth have become appealing. It is called Yaeba. Women pay to have more crooked and uneven teeth. In japan, Yaeba makes a woman look cute, almost childlike.

Women in Tajikistan love their natural eyebrows. They even draw them (eyebrows)


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