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I was at Mall the other day looking for a butter like scrub, I decided to go all in with my skincare shopping. I found this cute travel size brush that I never knew would do wonders for my skin. Honestly, who thought about brushing our faces in the first place? Well, whoever did, thanks, you’re a freaking genius.

Two months ago I got bit by a spider in my right cheek and my face grew so much lol. I had my first date with my now boyfriend and I was about to cancel, but honestly didn’t want him to think I was rejecting him. Anyways, I went to the ER cause I was so desperate to fix my face the doctor told me that the bite had now been combined with a pimple.

A GIGANTIC PIMPLE, the biggest pimple in history and I couldn’t mess with it.

Eventually, the stupid pimple/ spider bite went away, but it left a mark on my face. And, even though I got used to it, brushing my face has helped so much with it.

At first, I thought brushing my face was going to have to be a twice a week thing to avoid damaging my skin, but after 20 hours my face was a grease ball renovating the moisture I had lost in the past months by using makeup. I thought “ wouldn’t it be great to not have to wear any concealer or makeup ever again? Could it be that this treatment help improve my skin to the point of finally quitting makeup?

The answer is yes. Of course I had to change some other habits like drinking more water, but after an entire week I can tell you that these trendy brushes are not just another way for millennials to waste money on.

I personally didn’t follow any instructions on how to brush my face, so I always did it wettening my brush. However, now that I’m obsessed I am looking into dry brushing. Evie Leatham, Writer for Porter, says in her article:


“Beauty insiders have been urging us to use the ancient art of dry brushing on our bodies for years, and now the logic is being applied to the skin on our faces. Like mini body brushes, but with much softer bristles, facial dry brushes are used on dry skin after cleansing to exfoliate and boost circulation and lymphatic drainage, helping to depuff and define the face. Similar to body brushing, it sweeps away dead skin cells so gently that it’s suitable for sensitive skin, too.”

This is a trend I know for sure, I’ll forever follow.

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