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Over half of Gen Z diners don’t think table etiquette is relevant anymore, according to a survey by restaurant group Prezzo.

The survey found that 77% of Gen Z diners didn’t care if people put their elbows on the table and 60% couldn’t care less about how someone holds their silverware, Yahoo reported.

Table manners aren’t just disappearing among the younger crowd. The survey found that 32% of people of all ages never think about their table manners.

On the contrary, over half of the British diners asked said they are upset about the lack of table manners they observe around them. Meanwhile, 49% of people asked said they wouldn’t date someone who had bad table manners.

The survey showed that 48% of people were irked by loud chewing, 37% were annoyed when people used their food at the table and another 37% hated when people ate off others’ plates without asking.

More than half of survey participants also hated it when people talked with food in their mouths, were very loud or snapped their fingers at servers.

Besides elbows, another appendage Gen Z can’t seem to keep off the table is cell phones as 38% of young adult diners admitted to using their devices during a meal.

Author Clare Finney recently dished about Gen Z’s table manners in Vogue, and while she said criticizing someone for putting their elbows on the table “feels outdated.”

Having your phone at the table is rude, it’s unhygienic. A study from the University of Michigan found that your phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat.

Noël Wolf, the cultural expert at Babbel, agreed that phones at the table should be where people draw the line. We now live in a culture where people post pictures of their meals on Instagram but it should end at that, Wolf and Finney agreed.

“Despite the fact that many of us have openly admitted to using our mobile phone during a meal, it’s generally understood that their use at the table should be restricted,” Wolf told Yahoo.

“Taking a quick snapshot of your food before digging in is usually harmless, though sometimes fellow diners might find this annoying,” Wolf added.

By Alexandra Klausner // nypost.com


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