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Jessica Domínguez- English


Agustín Durán // Reporter www.latinocalifornia.com

Humble, positive and hardworking, are what best describes attorney Jessica Domínguez, also known as ‘The Justice Angel’, after having attained freedom for a Mexican woman accused of murdering her predator in self-defense.
With a successful career that seems to have no limits, she is constantly on the radio, television, or newspaper, giving her professional opinion regarding immigration matters.  Her popularity has reached such a high level that she already has an immigration segment on the internet and on TV.

The segment is called ‘The Justice Angel “, is broadcasted on Univision, and is about to be extended nationally.

 The attorney has won more than two thousand cases in court in less than nine years, which means obtaining the U.S. residency for approximately 20 families per month since 2003, the year she started her career.
 Despite her achievements, the lawyer volunteers herself to feed the labor workers outside the Home Depot and is constantly talking to women, victims of domestic violence, helping them to continue to move forward with their lives.
Jessica Dominguez is an immigrant from Peru and she arrived at the age of 14 without speaking a word of English, but attended night classes to learn the language.

 Dominguez has literally lived in the courtroom since she was a child because she still remembers her parents’ divorce and the legal dispute that followed, having to go live with her grandmother, were she learned the virtue of giving rather than receiving.

“This experience later led me to decide on a career in immigration law,” said the lawyer, who had to discontinue her studies by the age of 18 because she got married and for the next 15 years she spent her time raising her children.
It was precisely at that time when her second child was born with many health problems and after several years of care, he finally healed and is currently pursuing a college degree in special language for deaf children.

At one point, her husband had three jobs to cover the family expenses, while she studied and raised her children. However, the separation of her parents, the challenges the birth of her second son brought, and particularly the women who fight tooth and nail to keep their family together, is what makes almost every case personal.

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