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It is no secret that millennials hold some type of hostility towards older generations, more specifically Boomers, for their strong opinions against the younger generation. But who would’ve thought that the day where younger generations would hold some sort of aggression towards millennials would come so soon?

In a viral Tik Tok video, Gen-Zers named the most cringiest trends about millennials and among them were skinny jeans, side parts and the laughing emoji. All these things might seem harmless, but to the emerging generation, it induces second-hand embarrassment.

The age-old question of the ‘’why’’ these specific things are basically canceled in the eyes of the younger generation is one that doesn’t need an answer. It’s one of those natural things that occur like the seasons. Or Facebook, if you need more of a modern example.

Millennials used Facebook avidly, but then stopped as soon as older generations got the hang of it. They no longer wanted to be associated with something that mom or dad could use and know about because, how uncool. Much like the use of Facebook, the laughing emoji is one that is no longer considered cool even if it’s a natural reaction to messages. Simply because millennials and older generations use it, Gen-Zers use anything but the laughing emoji to emote laughter or joy, according to an interview by CNN. What a way to define ‘‘cool.’’

To be clear, however, there are no hard feelings. Millennials can take their side parts, skinny jeans and laughing emojis with them while Gen-Zers wear their mid parts and mom jeans (ironically), and smash the keyboard to show some emotion.

Just like the “Ok Boomer’’ moment between Millennials and Boomers, Millennials are now having their moment with Gen-Zers, although under different circumstances and reasons.

Maybe it’s the weight that the opinion of a millennial holds in the bigger picture such as marketing and economics, that makes them an easy target for the younger generations who are desperately trying to undermine the power millennials currently have in the world, if we could even call it that.

Whatever it is, you do you, Gen-Zers, because it really isn’t that deep.

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