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Some signs more than others are inclined to pull that truth out and speak it plain, loud and sharp. Three signs in particular stand out as truth tellers, bean spillers, word vomitters and soap box speakers. This trinity of truth is united in their allegiance to the authentic; forsaking niceties, nuance propriety and at times, personal safety.

Some people soften the truth while others wield it like a blunt force object. Brutal honesty is both a blessing and a bane, exalted when it exposes crimes, corruption, government duplicity and crimes against humanity and absolutely off putting when it is delivered as an unsolicited opinion on an outfit, haircut, baby name or other life choice.

ARIES: Noted for their quick fire tempers and poor impulse control, Aries rules the head and the mouth. Consequently, there is no divide nor hesitation between what these people think and what they say.

On the upswing, you never have to guess how an Aries feels though you may have to duck/wince/dodge when they start hurling their truth.

VIRGO: Virgo is ruled by Mercury, planet of exchange and expression. Unlike scatter shot, the truth is a negotiation Gemini, which also counts Mercury as a ruler, Virgo is exacting and at times absolutely leveling in their hyper critical approach to communication. Symbolized in the Major Arcana of the tarot by the Hermit, Virgo has an uncanny ability to see what can and should be improved upon, be it character development, bangs, exercise technique etc. and a deep need to share that knowledge/opinion with the unsuspecting.

The great paradox of these people is that they are aces at delivering advice but are wholly incapable of taking it.

SAGITTARIUS: Archers feel a kind of ordained duty to tell the truth.  

Sagittarius is associated with the ninth house of travel, higher learning, expansion and exposure. As such, archers are the soapbox speakers, vocal projectors who see the truth as a temple that must be venerated, loudly, often and without regard for feelings or fear of fall out.

Reda Wigle

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