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In an attempt to help Ukraine fight against a Russian invasion, White House officials and National Security Council staffers gathered 30 influential TikTok stars on a zoom call to receive information about what is happening in Ukraine and the raising cost of energy. The White House see their influence important and asked them to assist the government in “opposing misinformation.”

This is not the first time the White House has deployed social media influencers to promote its agenda.

The government did something similar regarding Covid-19. The White House authorized thousand-dollar cash payments to influencers on TikTok as part of a campaign to encourage vaccinations rates among young people.

The Biden team’s is using propaganda in important topics like free elections and the use of vaccines to combat COVID-19.

The TikTok helped the government to reach the goal of raising awareness and vaccination rate during COVID and now the government is using propaganda in order to keep young generations informed.

The White House is using propaganda in order to keep young generations informed in important matters such as gas prices and inflation. Regarding the gas prices, the government evade responsibility by blaming Russian president, Vladimir Putin. 

TikTok influencers are doing a great job in social media because they are able to have thousands of views and the government knows it.

In our days, young people find everything on social media and it is why the government is using influencer to generate propaganda. Everybody is able to have access to propaganda. Biden’s administration is using influencers in order to maintain informed all generations.

You may want to have an idea of how much money they (influencers) earn. TikTokers make a significant amount of money. Some TikTokers earn enough money to live a nice living. If a TikToker has one million followers, she or he is able to earn about $1,000 or more per month.

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