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When it comes to defining generations, certain trends can stick out like a sore thumb, and that is especially true of the millennial generation. Millennials are typically defined by their love of avocado toast, lack of children and their grasp on tecnology. Although we can say that is true for most millennials, there’s this rift that exist between older millennials and younger millennials.

This is where the term “zillennial” comes in. Zillennials are those younger millennials on the cusp of the Gen-Z group. This micro generation within the millennials often differ from their older counterparts in more ways than one and in this recent generational war, they can be considered Team Switzerland. And yes, that is a Twilight reference.

As Gen-Zers will have you know, millennials are so not cool with their side parts and skinny jeans, but this type of criticism falls flat for a lot of zillennials. Zillennials are not really into the whole generation war that’s going on between the young and the “old.’’ Typically, older millennials are the ones to feel attacked by Gen-Z’s comments and this can also be used as an indicator of where in the millennial timeline you’re on.

Social media sites like MySpace, which was mainly used by older millennials, and Facebook, which was used more so by zillennials, can also be used to tell how the differing ages in millennials use of technology. Just ask any millennial if they remember who Tom is or if they know what a Top 8 is and you’ll get your answer.

Other indicators of where millennials fall on the timeline can be the what kind of cellphone you owned: Was it a Nokia brick or a Motorola Razor or a Blackberry? Or perhaps it was a beeper?

When it comes to technology, did they use a floppy disc or was a USB the latest in tech? Did they own a Walkman or an iPod touch?

These small tech details are very telling of where on the millennial spectrum they land, but what difference does it make to anyone else out there?

The issue is that millennials have become this glorified generation where small quirks and certain trends have defined a big group of people and have been used as marketing points in companies. Not every millennial is built the same and it is important to keep that in mind when referring to millennials.

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