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Change is inevitable, if you don’t change, you will be changed.


El Aviso Magazine has always been characterized by adapting to changes, thanks to this ability, we have remained at the forefront of our industry.
The title of this article is not just a hollow phrase, it’s what we think and what we live by. ” If you do not change you will be changed … and we do not want to be changed! ”
Changes imply challenges, for the past 31 years, we have experienced many of them. From the primitive era before computers were an accessible option, thru today where there are many amazing technological advances. Week to week, we publish a variety of content, we always strive to bring useful, valuable and reliable information. Today as technology is transforming everything, El Aviso Magazine has spared no efforts or investment to stay up-to-date.
July 1st will mark a transformation for El Aviso Magazine, our print version will be completely integrated with all of our digital products such as Web-site, Social Media, YouTube and Podcast. Our goal is to create a pleasant user experience and interaction we have increased our editorial focus on community affairs and sports as well as other diverse subjects such as:

  • Education
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Relationships and communication
  • Support for special needs
  • Music and influencers for younger people
  • Health and wellness
  • Sports

Follow us on our digital platforms: El Aviso Facebook, El Aviso Instagram, El Aviso Youtube and El Aviso Podcast, which will feature, Special Guests Interviews, Drawings, Entertainment, and much more valuable content, just for you!


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