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Friends are those people for whom we feel affection, share time with, and worry about them when they are going through a bad time.

But friendships are not always what we think. In some cases, we come across people who care “little” about our achievements or difficulties. These people are self centered and they believe they are superior.

According to experts, people with a narcissistic personality are in love with an idealized, grandiose image of themselves. A narcissistic person is self centered, has an arrogant thinking and behavior. They do not have consideration toward others.

Do you have a narcissistic friend?

If you have a narcissistic friend, you will see some signs in that person that sooner or later will affect your friendship in one way or another.   Here, I give you some signs that a narcissistic person will have towards her or his “friend”:

  • A narcissistic friend will get very jealous of anything that take your attention away from her/him.
  • They demand praise and admiration.
  • A narcissistic friend won’t tell you that he or she is jealous about other relationships you have.
  • They put their own needs first (Selfish).
  • They won’t be there for you when you need them.

A narcissistic friend is not going to be happy if you go out with some other friends. This person will ask you to like her/his post on Instagram or Facebook all time. Also, this person is going to demand all your attention and sometimes, he or she is going to be aggressive. 

Dealing with a narcissistic friend can be difficult or frustrating because the person you are trying to please will never be happy. It is important to set boundaries.   Remember, the most important thing in a friendship is your wellbeing.

By Graciela Estrada

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