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I have few resources, Can my kids go to the University?


By: Abogada Jessica Domínguez

  Often times I hear parents doubt that their kids can go to the university simply for the fact that they don’t have much money. 

  Fortunately, in this great country the only thing needed is a willingness to go to the university and find the most adequate possibility to attend, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, if your kids want to go it can be done. 

  Something important to know is that there are federal, state and private scholarships and the majority are determined on the resources of each family and the student’s merit. 

  The students can obtain up to $11,124 from the state government through scholarships known as Cal Grants but what is going to determine how much money a student needs is the school that he wants to go to and the one he is accepted into. 

  Community college and the system of California universities known as Cal State are the most economic choices and where with less than a $1,000 a semester a student can assist; this of course applies only to those students living at home.  All these schools have their financial aid offices where students can get the help needed.

  The Cal Grant scholarship is from the government and the only thing needed is to fulfill the academic requirements and present the application before March 2nd or nine months before the school cycle the student wants to enroll in. 

  The same thing applies to federal grants and it’s precisely there where students can obtain more money in case they want to attend universities from the UC system or private universities that cost more and where grades and the community service of students is taken into consideration to make up for costs that run anywhere from $5,000 to $40,000 depending on the university. 

  Generally universities offer their own scholarships and there are countless of organizations and private foundations that can help you get the necessary aid.
For more information in English/Spanish visit http://www.e4fc.org and remember that as parents we can inform ourselves and motivate our kids to finish their university because “yes we can.”
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