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Do you want to travel the country but can’t leave home? You can take home with you when you live in an RV and millennials are flocking to the idea.

RVs, or camper vans, can be the loophole to travelling during the pandemic. Medical experts have urged the public to stay home as much as possible and if a camper van is your home, then technically you’re being safe.

This specific form of travel, is usually reserved for older generations on the verge of retirement ready to travel around the country with their newly found spare time, so why are millennials, the generation that has the least amount of time and money, jumping on these camper vans?

Well, as we all know by now, living in a pandemic means staying home, and after almost a year of being told to stay home, an alternative approach to vacationing had to be conjured up. The places that we used to go in for leisure or fun, like a movie theatre or an amusement park, are out of the question, so many have taken to nature to unwind and make a quick getaway from the bustle of home.

Many millennials have taken that opportunity to just take home with them on their adventures in nature. In fact, bookings for camper vans by millennials rose up to 70 percent from 2019 to 2020, according to RV rental platform Outdoorsy.

Camper vans have also become extremely appealing to millennials since half the workforce has been bound to working from home and well, with a camper van, home can literally be anywhere, according to Insider. Remote jobs have opened up the opportunity to call home literally wherever a camper van can go, and this is highly convenient for the exhausted but restless millennial who needs to get away from the mess that the current world is in, even if it’s just for a moment.

In this new year, RV rentals are predicted to keep thriving as the pandemic persists. Although a bit unconventional and maybe a little geriatric, RVs and camper vans have become the saving grace of a millennial’s traveling desires in desperate times.

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