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Hi to anyone reading this. Some weeks I find it quite hard to find a “millennial” topic to write about on here. I mean, what even is a “millennial topic”? I never know if I’m supposed to write about my generation from a boomer perspective with points of view I don’t share, or, if I should simply talk about whatever interests me ‘cause, well, I’ am, in fact, a millennial.

This week I’m taking a risk and I’ll be talking about ALDI’s.

“Umm.. the grocery store, Sandra?”

Yea, that one.

So before I get into it let me just tell you about a life-changer that happened for me over the weekend: INSTACART! (and no, this isn’t sponsored, we wish it was though).

If you’re not familiar with this app, basically it lets you order groceries or anything from shops like Walmart, Costco, Ralphs.. and gives you the option to pick up or get everything delivered. And well, I tried it this weekend, ordered a bunch of veggies from Walmart, and there it was: ALDI’s.

I had never heard of this store, not because I’m not cool enough, but because we didn’t have those in Mexico… which is pretty weird considering they’re all over the globe! Like, seriously, #BringALDI’sToMexico.

Anyways, I’m sure most of you are familiar with what I’m talking about and have been there at least once.

ALDI’s has everything you’ve ever wanted, but for less. I’m not gonna dive into the multiple lawsuits against them for their smart-ass marketing plagiarism, but it’s definitely an interesting topic and you can find a lot of videos about it online.

ALDI’s get’s it. They know what they’re doing when copying well- known products having the advantage of the publicity that the real brands spend thousands of doll hairs on. And, you have to give it to them: they’re ahead of their time: they keep their staffing to a minimum, maintaining everything in the boxes instead of wasting their employees time with unboxing and putting eve-rything on shelves, they have a “put a quarter in the cart” system, and allow their cashiers to sit on a chair (which should be a human right). Like, why aren’t other shops doing this?

If you do end up shopping here get the Toaster Tots and Crispy Rice for breakfast and according to the ‘gram, (@AldiFavoriteFinds), this years pumpkin pie is a must!

Let us know if you’ve shopped here and what have been your best finds!

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