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Oh, how the tables have turned. The criticism between generations isn’t new to anybody. With Boomers and Millennials going at it all the time, who knew that Gen Zers would join the fight, and not to anyone’s rescue.

Gen Zer’s, who have mastered the art of social media far more effectively and efficiently than any other generation, have poked some fun at Millennials on the viral app, TikTok. From the way Millennials constantly reminisce about their childhood memories or the type of language they use or interesting habits they have, Gen Zers have no mercy for their elders. And the best part about this is that most Millennials find this hilarious, mainly because it’s true.

If anything is certain is that Millennials have learned to laugh at themselves and shake off the comments that come at them, which is something that we can’t say the same about Boomers (yikes). Millennials already expect the criticism and harsh jokes because they’ve been conditioned to it.

And who better than Gen Zers to poke fun at Millennials? It’s all about the trivial things in life that are the butt of the joke. However, we must ask ourselves what is really the point of criticizing one another?

Despite the light-hearted fun, the constant need to compare each other gets exhausting. We know it’s natural to want to compare how each generation lives their lives, because the world is everchanging. To be honest, however, it would be easier to live and let live.

The intergenerational bond among young people, whether they’re Gen Zers or Millennials, is important now more than ever. Young people tend to have the same values and morals and we’re all working towards the same goal. As long as the banter doesn’t get too personal, it will be taken all in good fun. 

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